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Meeting Point: Latest From Lovaas

Summer 2010

Meeting Point: Latest From Lovaas

Focus on Fun Story by Amanda Huish, M.Ed., Los Angeles

As summer approaches, I would like to encourage each of you to take this opportunity to try new play-based activities with your children and students. While children are taking a break from the rigors of academia, why not take some time each day to focus on play and socialization? Summer is a natural time of year to explore new activities and increase socialization through peer opportunities.


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Q&A: Food Tolerance and Feeding Difficulties

I have been helping a family develop and increase food tolerance with their four-year-old son for approximately six months. While he now demonstrates tolerance of placing non-preferred food in his mouth, he has yet to achieve eating the food. He stores the food in his cheeks for hours at a time...


Summer Peer Play

The summer months are a great time to get children outdoors and playing with friends. Here are a few simple ideas for peer play activities that require very little preparation, but are sure to be a lot of fun!


Top 10 Pretend Play Materials

Is your son or daughter ready to learn to play pretend? Typically, we first teach other early interactive play skills to children such as: imitating what another person does while playing, handing objects to a person, accepting and using objects that are handed to them, taking turns, and responding to short verbal interactions.


iPod, iPhone, & iPad ABA Apps & a GIVEAWAY

In this fast-paced world of technology, there is an ever-growing set of tools available for children with autism and their teachers. Apple has gathered a variety of applications for use with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Here is a list of some of the applications available.


Special Features

I was at a school session and James and a peer were eating their snack together. They both had milk, but the peer's carton was pink because he had strawberry milk and James' carton was blue because he had regular milk. The peer said to James, "I have strawberry milk!" and James responded, "I have blueberry milk!" It was the cutest thing and so creative!!
- Pennsylvania

The names of all children in this newsletter have been changed in respect for family confidentiality.

Where's My Hand! Say, "give me five" but lose your hand in your sleeve – have child help you find it and then lose the other hand.

Keep It Up! Cooperate keeping one balloon floating in the air.

Bubble Gum Bubble! Blow a big bubble of bubble gum and pop it with a big pop.

Macarena! Dance the Macarena. Learn all the moves in gross-motor imitation and build it together.

Kick the Can! Play kick the can by racing to be the first one to kick the can over. The child doesn't know which trial you'll let him go on, so you've got a head start. The anticipation of trying to race you keeps his attention at a peak. (But don't cheat by going when he's not attending!)